With an annual capacity of 3,500 tons Rooibos Tea, we oversee everything from planting of seedlings to harvesting, cutting, fermenting, sterilising and packing. Our annual capacity of Honeybush Tea is 200 tons.

Our Rooibos farm and factory

Rooibos Tea is indigenous to South Africa. It does not naturally grow anywhere else in the world. Khoisan Tea grows its own organic Rooibos Tea from organic-certified seedlings in the beautiful Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape, South Africa.

The Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) shrubs are harvested, carefully bound in bundles and transported to our factory for cutting. What makes our Rooibos Tea stand out is our natural fermentation process overseen by our expert tea-maker. It is this process that results in the famous and desired rich ruby-red brown colour so characteristic of Rooibos Tea. The fermented tea is then spread out and dried on our 9000sqm drying plane under the African sun. Once dry and collected, we store it in our tea warehouse according to international HACCP standards. The tea is subsequently sieved, sterilised and packed for export.

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Ask us about our organic/conventional:
–Fairtrade (FLO-ID 4452) Rooibos Teas
–Rainforest Alliance ® Rooibos Teas


Rooibos Tea: Granules

Rooibos Granules

Made from 100% pure Rooibos dust. Granulated to improve the density of TBC.

Rooibos Tea: TBC

Teabag Cut (TBC)

Small, even particles. Optmised for fast tea bagging machines. Fast infusion rate: 1-4mm.

Short Cut

Medium sized, even particles. Moderate to fast infusion rate: 3-5mm.

Rooibos Tea: Long Cut

Long Cut

Coarser particles of leaves and stems with a floral honey flavour. Moderate infusion rate.


Khoisan Gourmet offers a specially-formulated and processed loose Rooibos Tea ideal for filling capsules. Our Rooibos Capsule Grade Tea is optimised for and compatible with Nespresso® machines.

This loose grade is readily available as either organic and non-organic, blended and/or naturally flavoured. It is also available in loose Green (unfermented) Rooibos. Clients can then on-pack the loose supply into their own Rooibos capsules.

GREEN (unfermented) ROOIBOS TEA

Green Rooibos Tea is unfermented Rooibos Tea. It consists of green needle-like leaves which have to be gently harvested, carefully handled and immediately dried to stay green; great effort is taken so no fermentation (or ‘reddening’) whatsoever can take place in any format, at any stage.

Why drink it?

Green Rooibos Tea has a naturally sweet taste, with a distinct grassy edge and a smooth, easy-to-enjoy flavour profile. Unlike Camelia sinensis green teas which can be harsh in taste, Green Rooibos Tea has a very low astringency and offers a light, delicious and calming effect. Green Rooibos contains higher polyphenol content and has higher antioxidant levels than fermented Rooibos Tea.

The secret to great Khoisan Green Rooibos

We are now producing our greenest and tastiest Green Rooibos Tea ever. We understand the value of Green Rooibos Tea and we built a state-of-the art factory on our farm in late 2013 to solely produce Green Rooibos Tea to perfection. Our specialized machine, which uses extremely gentle cutting procedures and a new drying method allowing very low moisture levels, approx. 4%, is always able to be in full production, year-round. Thanks to our methods, Khoisan Green Rooibos will stay green and maintain its distinct taste as fermentation cannot occur at all, even after longer storage periods. Mechanical quality control ensures consistency in grades and taste over time.


Short Cut

Medium sized, even particles. Moderate to fast infusion rate. 3-5mm.

Long Cut

Unfermented leaves and thin stems. Characterised by longer particles. Moderate infusion rate with a soft, green, grassy taste.

Coarse Cut

Unfermented leaves and thin stems. These have longer particles with a less homogenous appearance. Moderate infusion rate with a soft, green, grassy taste.


Honeybush Tea is a South African herbal tisane. It is often called a sister tea to Rooibos because it is also naturally caffeine free with a strong sweet taste. Our Honeybush Tea (Cyclopia intermedia) is treated in much the same way as Rooibos Tea. A most unique aspect to this tea is that our Honeybush is purely wild harvest and, thus, naturally organic. Unlike Rooibos Tea, however, Honeybush Tea grows only along the Garden Route in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Green Honeybush Tea

We also offer Green (unfermented) Honeybush Tea, which has a dominant sweet & honey-like taste and aroma.


Honeybush Coarse Cut

Coarser particles of leaves and stems with a floral honey-like flavour. Moderate infusion rate.

Honeybush Fine Cut

Fine particles of leaves and stems. Moderate to fast infusion rate.




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