Khoisan Tea’s Organic Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar is from the Planifolia type. It grows in the north-east region between Vohemar and Antalaha. Madagascar produces most of the world’s top grade vanilla beans / pods and it is master of flavour development with a quality known among Vanilla connoisseurs as the most distinctive in the world.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry and oversee one of the largest organic projects in Madagascar.

We supply high quality Vanilla – pods, two-fold extract, pieces for blending, finely ground powder (ready-to-eat), Vanilla sugar, caviar (Vanilla seeds) and easy-to-use Vanilla grinders – available in bulk/loose or beautifully pre-packaged ranges.

Why Bourbon Vanilla is such a treat

Vanilla consists mainly of water, fat, wax, sugar and cellulose (98%). What is interesting is that 2% consists of approximately 400 different aromatic components as identified so far! This is truly amazing and can only be accomplished by Mother Nature. It is believed that Vanilla has even more aromatic components… the search continues.


Our attractive pre-packaged organic Bourbon Vanilla products are ideal for any business looking to import and distribute fine quality bakery products on a larger retail market scale. Our eye-catching red and brown Khoisan Tea brand with its clean-cut blend of dark colours can already be found in various supermarkets in countries from Sweden to Australia and back.

We work closely with importers and distributors, offer language-specific packaging with customer input, and we have a wide product variety to ensure continued product expansion for clients. The Khoisan Tea brand offers strong visibility on supermarket shelves and can be extended into the catering & restaurant industry.

Our extensive organic range includes Vanilla caviar (seeds), Vanilla sugar, Vanilla extract, Vanilla pods/beans, Vanilla grinder and Vanilla powder.


Speak to Vanilla lovers across the globe with your very own brand & design concepts.

Choose from our established packaging options (we will gladly share our die-cuts so you can adapt your artwork) or tell us what you have in mind.

We will help you get started, discuss MOQs for private label per Vanilla items, source new packaging options, if needed, and offer excellent product and packing.

Make our product range your very own.

what makes bourbon vanilla from khoisan tea so special


In addition to our versatile organic Bourbon Vanilla range, we also offer organic-certified spices and select bakery ingredients for the retail sector. Our brand new product offering includes finely-ground powders and delicious, ready-to-use extracts.

From raw materials sourced globally, we produce our own finely-ground powders and extracts in-house at our factory in Cape Town. We use straight-product only, nothing artificial and no fillers are added to any of our organic spices. Our extract is made via cold extraction to ensure best flavour profiles from raw ingredients. Cold extraction is a gentle but time-intensive method which ensures that none of the good qualities/flavours of the spices is destroyed by heat. We round off by sourcing high-quality glass jars and bottles from Europe to ensure excellent packaging and merchandising capacities for supermarkets across the world.

30g Cinnamon Powder jars & 50ml Cinnamon Extract bottles
30g Ginger Powder jars & 50ml Ginger Extract bottles
50g Liquorice Powder jars & 50ml Liquorice Extract bottles

20g Whole Star Anise jars
35g Cardamom Powder jars
45g Cardamom Seeds jars

20g Lingonberry Powder jars
30g Blueberry Powder jars




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