Our attractive pre-packaged Rooibos Teas & Speciality Teas are ideal for any business looking to import and distribute fine quality tea products on a larger retail market scale.

Our eye-catching red and white Khoisan Tea brand with its majestic African themes and colourful imagery can already be found in various supermarkets in countries from Sweden to Hong Kong and back. We work closely with importers and distributors, offer language-specific packaging with customer input and we have a wide product variety to ensure continued product expansion for clients.

The Khoisan Tea brand offers strong visibility and can easily be extended into the catering & restaurant industry.



35g Organic Glühwein Spice Mix & 50ml Organic Glühwein Spice Extract


Our unique Organic Rooibos Matcha originates from the beautiful Cedarberg area in the Western Cape of South Africa. Very exclusive, stone ground on specifically designed Japanese granite stone mills into the finest powder, using the whole leave. No caffeine and naturally contains antioxidants! Enjoy our Organic Rooibos Matcha in health shakes, cakes, ice cream, chocolates and other confectionery. Drink it hot or cold, straight as well as latte.

Our exclusive Organic Green Matcha leaves originate from Shizuoka, Aichi, Kyoto Prefectures and Kyushu Island in Japan. For the Organic Green Matcha we select specifically a bit more the astringency type compared to ceremonial Matcha in order to give more impact on confectionery and RTD (ready to drink) drink use. Like the Organic Rooibos Matcha it gets also stone ground on Japanese granite stone mills. Just try to mix Matcha with table salt and use for fish plate or salad.
You will enjoy a new taste of seasoning.

Start your day healthy with an Organic Matcha shake or tea. To get a caffeine boost use the Organic Green Matcha, otherwise the caffeine free Organic Rooibos Matcha is perfect for you.

30g Green Matcha tin
30g Rooibos Matcha tin

now available

Enjoy as espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Our capsule ranges are easy to use in most Nespresso® compatible machines. Each capsule contains the precise amount needed to make one standard cup of Rooibos espresso or one standard cup of Coffee espresso. All of our capsules are now home compostable and biodegradable in soil. The outer barrier pouch and lid are cellulose based and also compostable! Entirely made of raw material. Specifically designed to degrade in the home composting environment. Enjoy without any guilt.

 40g Organic Rooibos Capsule Range

Distinctly sweet and earthy in taste, ruby-red in colour and with a delicious créma topping (foam created through pressurised brewing), Rooibos capsules differ from traditional Rooibos Tea in that they offer a more intensely concentrated Rooibos taste. It’s a chic way to drink Rooibos any time of the day or night. It packs a punch in taste and is an ultra-mod way to enjoy a quick cuppa.

(10 x 4g) 100% Organic Rooibos Capsules
(10 x 4g) 100% Organic Rooibos Vanilla Capsules
(10 x 4g) 100% Organic Rooibos Caramel Capsules

 50g Organic Coffee Capsule Range

Need an organic coffee kick in the early morning? Our first-ever organic coffee products offer the best of African coffee bean varieties. No fuss. No mess. Just a convenient and power-packed coffee experience. Proudly African.

(10 x 5g) 100% Organic Ethiopian Coffee Capsules
(10 x 5g) 100% Organic Ugandan Coffee Capsules
(10 x 5g) 100% Organic African Blend Coffee Capsules


For specific non-organic gourmet foods & ingredients, we now offer our KeNako brand. KeNako provides retail ready all-natural, albeit non-organic, herbal teas & more food ranges.

 40g KeNako Rooibos & Black Tea

All natural ingredients, tag less teabags/silver foil pouch. Flavour-specific taste!

(20 x 2g) English Tea (Camellia sinensis)
(20 x 2g) Rooibos Berry Delight
(20 x 2g) Rooibos
(20 x 2g) Green Rooibos
( 20 x 2g) Rooibos Sweetie Pie
(20 x 2g) Rooibos Vanilla

 80g KeNako Rooibos & more

Loose teas in a re-sealable zip-lock bag. Ideal for any tea connoisseur.

(80g) Rooibos Spicy Ginger
(80g) Green Rooibos
(80g) Rooibos Fruity Delight
(80g) Rooibos
(80g) Rooibos Vanilla
(80g) Rooibos Lemoncello


40g Organic Rooibos Tea Range

Our top organic sellers
(20 x 2g) string & tag double-chamber teabags, individually enveloped for an exquisite and genuine South African Rooibos experience.

 40g Organic Speciality Teas Range

Beyond Rooibos Tea
Expand to Camelia sinensis (black tea) and other international herbal teas
(20 x 2g) string & tag double-chamber teabags, individually enveloped for great-tasting teas, cup after cup.

50g Rooibos Tea Range

Our top natural Rooibos Tea range
Comes in a variety of tasty natural flavours: refreshing lemon-mint, distinct vanilla flavour, straight Rooibos and sweet multi-fruit
(20 x 2.5g) tagless oxygen-bleached (no chlorine) teabags in a stay-fresh pouch.

Organic Rooibos Tea Economy Range

Convenient tear-strip retail boxes
Minimal packaging and oxygen-bleached (no chlorine) teabags
100g (40 x 2.5g tagless teabags)/stay-fresh pouches
300g (120 x 2.5g tagless teabags)/straight teabags

Organic Rooibos & Honeybush in African Animal Tins

Our popular medium-sized, refillable tins with re-sealable lids come in four attractive colours which offset the tea inside. Loose organic tea/teabags. Organic Chai Rooibos (blue tins), straight Rooibos (brown tins), Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos (red tins), Green Rooibos (green tins), Honeybush (yellow tins).

250g Organic Rooibos Ecobag Range

Our self-standing, re-sealable zip-lock bags are packed with our loose organic tea varieties and with authentic organic spices or Bourbon Vanilla pieces.
Buy the bags as refills for the African Animal Tins or stand-alone product.

Khoisan Tea Chest (limited edition)

Beautiful, hand-crafted wooden chest. Ideal for hotels, B&Bs or restaurants.
Re-fill as needed. We supply 60 x 2g string & tag refill envelopes, all teas, for this purpose.

Restaurants & Catering Trade

Our 60 x 2g string & tag individually enveloped double-chamber teabags are specifically made for offices, restaurants, hotels, cruise liners, schools, universities and more.

Khoisan Tea Pouch

20 x 2.5g tagless ‘pillow’ teabags per sealed pouch. Available for all Rooibos Tea, blends / flavours and Honeybush Tea.

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